STUDIO PICKNICK is a gallery for young contemporary art founded 2015 by Picknick Berlin (Tanja Kreisz und Björn Ney).

From Disco to Installation from Bass to Oil!

Picknick Berlin has his longstanding history within the Berlin Club Culture and owned/runed the Club Picknick in the governmental area of Berlin (2007-2014). In 2016 we added art to music and daytime to nightlife and founded Studio Picknick – our Gallery which is a converted gateway between two typical Berlin backyards, located in what has today become the city's most prominent art district, on Potsdamer Strasse.
We opened our first art space in 2015 in the Lobby of the former house of the German-Soviet friendship Berlin and relocated a year later to our recent address with a new program focusing on giving young outstanding artists that just dropped out of art school a platform as well as featuring emerging artists.